Port Authority of NY & NJ RFQ – WMI – Greenville Yard Improvements

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Weeks Marine is pricing out a job of ours that involves improvements to be made to our Greenville Yard in Jersey City, NJ. This job will be done under the jurisdiction of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The Port Authority has a 30% MWBE requirement for its jobs.


We are looking for Port Authority certified MBEs and WBEs that can do union work to offer the following scopes of work or materials:



  • Remove 1000 LF of concrete gravity wall. 
  • Remove 1000 LF of timber decking.
  • Remove 110 Tons of timber pile cap.
  • Cut 1837 timber piles at mudline.



  • Remove 9482 CY of soil.


Ready-Mix Concrete:

  • Supply and/or pour 172 cubic yards for a sheet pile cap


Flowable Fill Concrete:

  • Supply and/or pour 6410 cubic yards of flowable fill.



  • Furnish and/or install 21000 pounds of rebar for sheet pile cap.


Trucking/Tugging and Material Disposal:

  • Truck and dispose 1000 LF of concrete gravity wall. 
  • Truck and dispose 1000 LF of timber decking.
  • Truck and dispose 110 Tons of timber pile cap.
  • Truck and dispose 1837 timber piles cut at mudline.
  • Truck and dispose 9482 CY of soil.


Marine Fenders:

  • Supply 30 donut fenders 6’ tall.
  • Supply 84 loader tire fenders.


Stone and Aggregate:

  • Supply quarry rock, 9 - 79 pound rock, and 140 – 660 pound rock


Structural Steel:

  • Supply structural steel sheet pile, king pile, and pipe pile.


Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Kyle O’Connell

Staff Engineer

908 272 4010

Weeks Marine, Inc.


If you wish to provide a quote for one or more of the items above, please reach out by email and the details, drawings, and specifications will be sent to you. We are hoping to receive quotes and pricing by Monday, 3/30/2020 so please don’t hesitate to reach out. If a firm has any questions, they must reach out to Brownie Johnson at bj@s-cllc.net or (908) 447-8644.