Newark/Essex County Port Authority Certified Firms – Terminal One Redevelopment Program at Newark Liberty International Airport


Good afternoon Newark and Essex County Businesses,

As you know, we are in the process of constructing a new Terminal at Newark Liberty International Airport called Terminal One. 

As certified businesses, you should have received a call from VRH/Austin Commercial. (If you haven’t yet you will by the end of the month.) VRH/Austin Commercial is the JV prime for the Consolidated Rental Car Facility. Please make sure that you check your emails and respond to their phone call in a timely manner. They will be inquiring about your specific scope of work, whether your company is union-affiliated, willing to affiliate with a union for this project, pay prevailing wage, and your certification status. Most importantly, the staff will ask about the contract size your company is capable of handling. Responding to these inquiries will not eliminate you from the process. The information will assist the prime in “right-sizing” the RFPs, identifying scopes of work for which there are little to no firm interest, etc.

This week, I was notified that in March a large number of RFPs for the Consolidated Rental Car portion of the project will be released. I need you to do the following:

Communication: Contact me if you or a representative from your company has already been contacted by VRH/Austin Commercial.

a. If someone has contacted you, did you send a thank you email with your firm’s Capability Statement attached?

b. If someone has not contacted you yet, please notify me immediately by February 24th.

c. Most importantly, when you communicate with VRH/Austin Commercial or any other prime/subcontractor on the project please copy or blind copy me on the communication so that I may keep track.

Support: Let me know how we can support you in submitting your proposal. Our consultant, Brownie Johnson, works with us to answer any questions you may have regarding the process. Mr. Johnson can be reached via email at Depending on your responses, we may either schedule additional training in my office or one-on-one appointments.

I look forward to continually working with you and your response to this email. I am best reached via email at or via phone at (732) 258-1415. If you choose to call and I am unable to pick leave a message or send me a text message.

Best regards,

Sybil B. Bost

Community Outreach Specialist – City of Newark & Essex County

Terminal One Redevelopment Program

Newark Liberty International Airport

NJ Government & Community Relations

Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Office Location:

89 Market Street, 4th Floor

Newark, NJ 07102

Office Cell: (732) 258-1415